Choosing a Dog for Family and Protection

Dogs are man’s best friend they say. Playing with your dog is fun, and your kids will enjoy it as well. But apart from companionship a dog has a lot to offer such as security and protection. It is, therefore, when getting a dog for family and protection, to make your home enjoyable and safe you find the correct breed. Finding the right dog for family and protection is not easy as dogs have different capabilities when it comes to security and protection. The Golden Retriever is the best when it comes to family safety and averting house invasions due to its natural instincts to protect, listen, and obey. Highly intelligent and affectionate, these dogs quickly learn what is expected of them. These dogs are loyal and children friendly when trained correctly. families using high powered protection dogs for house invasion protection can attest to the increased feeling of security in their homes since they got a dog. Getting a dog today to safely secure your home and valuables rewards you in many ways, but ensure you correctly train them to be a family dog as well as a guard dog. Breeds such as the German Shepherd and Rottweiler are the best in this regard because apart from being alert, attentive, and clever, they are brave enough to scare away any intruder, yet still affectionate and gentle with family.

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