Costs of buying a pet: Not just the inital outlay

Owning a domestic animal can be a wonderful experience and brings joy to the life of many people. Nobody will ever be as happy for you to arrive home as your dog, and nothing is a better lullaby than the purring of your cat on your pillow. However, before running off to the pet store make sure you have taken all the costs of buying a pet into consideration. The costs of buying a pet go beyond the initial amount that you pay to purchase the animal. You will have monthly bills for food and medicines like de-wormers and anti-flea drops, yearly bills for vaccinations and of course the costs of getting your animals castrated (something any responsible pet owner must do). It would be wise to save some extra money each month, because an unexpected emergency veterinary visit can make you feel like you have the Most expensive pet to own. So think twice before responding to that ┬┤free kittens┬┤ add, because owning a pet can be a big financial responsibility.

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